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Reinventing Women’s Leadership

Mobilizing the power of group wisdom and support for the advancement of women.

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A 6-month virtual group leadership development program–

Women Rise Up programs bring the best practices for women to successfully move into greater leadership in organizations and in any environment where women want to thrive.

This successful program utilizes neuroplasticity to generate new ways of being, speaking, thinking and feeling. Leadership development is not merely about learning skills, it is a journey of self-discovery to enhance personal effectiveness and integrity.

Our group program is aligned with the latest research on human development. The power of group learning and support confirms that the probability of individuals achieving their goals will increase by 5x with partners and accountability.

Together we will:

  • Inspire and influence others towards a shared vision.
  • Remove external and internal limitations that hold you back.
  • Realize important goals and aspirations.
  • Support your cohort to grow and thrive.
  • Create accountability and momentum.
  • Improve emotional intelligence and relationships.
  • Develop leadership behaviors that stick.

You can join this program with a group of women leaders from various organizations or this program can be tailored for organizations wanting to fill their leadership pipeline with women who are ready to lead.

Contact us to learn about the program curriculum and how to join.

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Equality for women requires balancing the right use of power

Women Rise Up Leadership Training and Group Coaching are based on science and ancient wisdom –

    Scientific research has identified three key areas that make the difference for women leaders to gain more equality and advance personally and professionally:
    confidence, resilience and influence. 


    “A feminist is anyone that recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”

     ~ Gloria Steinem


      Our proprietary methodology is unique and effective because it not only teaches leadership mastery, but also addresses the specific challenges presented by the systemic power dynamics that reduces a woman’s ability to influence and therefore create inequality.  Women Rise Up! promotes power for women that is equitable, balanced and ethical.

      All of our programs use intentional and structured experiential learning to; educate, build coalitions, create gender diversity, advocate ethical leadership and promote women into leadership positions. Program participants learn to work with all stakeholders to shift the landscape for the benefit of the whole organization and society. We take the divisiveness out of diversity to create positive outcomes for everyone. A “win-win” philosophy is embedded in all of our services.

      Contact us if you want to create better outcomes and more equality in your life, your organization and the world.

      Be seen. Be heard.

      Own your power!

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