Unleashing Capable Women Leaders Is A Strategy For Success

Producing both the business results you need now and the personal transformation that drives future success.

helping women leaders make their unique mark on
the world.

Develop a more empowering leadership identity –

  • Increase focus and self-awareness
  • Strategically drive important results
  • Develop transformational leadership capabilities
  • Build adaptive communication skills
  • Harness the power of purpose and messaging
  • Master the ability to influence beyond formal authority

Don’t let outdated concepts and structures of leadership get in your way. Let us help you gain the credibility, success and equality you deserve. Will you be part of a failed system of gender bias or the kind of leader who will develop a new and equitable future for yourself and other women?

If you want to take charge of your career and your life, contact us on how we can help you and your organization.


Executive & Leadership coaching for women to rise up!

A proprietary methodology with measurable progress and focused on results-

We have the right expertise and over 20 years of experience to partner with women who are ready to make their unique mark on the world. We combine coaching with disciplines in; organization development, human behavior, gender bias and leadership development. The foundation behind Women Rise Up individual and group coaching focuses on:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Clear outcomes
  • Tailored guidance
  • Insightful & action-oriented feedback
  • Commitment
  • Long-term accountability

Our methodology may employ various processes to review the progress and effectiveness of each coaching engagement. When adjustments are needed, they are made in real time to align with performance objectives and organizational goals. Feedback mechanisms will be tailored to and used based on the needs of the individual leader and the organization which may include peer alliances, 360 assessments or stakeholder feedback. Statistically reliable and reputable assessment tools such as Hogan Assessments are used to provide data-based personality insights into leadership strengths and challenges.

Aligning the development needs of the individual with the objectives of the organization and providing a confidential and supportive feedback-rich partnership allows leaders to gain valuable insights and develop a more empowering new leadership identity.

Don’t work hard to be recognized only to be passed by for that promotion. Contact us instead.


Proven successes

For over 20 years we have worked with a wide variety of organizations from large corporations to small businesses. We have successfully supported both men and women in getting promoted, gaining visibility, managing their reputation and
transitioning more easily into new leadership roles.

Our vast experience and perspective has shaped our ability to support women in navigating even the most complex and entrenched male-dominated environments.

Working with Carolyn has led me to increase my confidence as a woman of color in the energy industry and learn how to better handle stress in my day-to-day life. I have been able to work on my emotional intelligence and self-awareness as it relates to my job, allowing me to become a more productive and influential team member. Carolyn is an excellent listener and is always keen to help me through my day-to-day work challenges. She always strives to give me actionable advice and has equipped me with valuable communication and leadership skills. I am so thankful for all the work we have done together and how far I have come.

Camila Pombo

Be seen. Be heard.

Own your power!

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