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Carolyn Godfrey

“I have walked in your shoes as a successful leader in male-dominated industries.” – Carolyn Godfrey

Carolyn Godfrey is the founder and CEO of Evolve Consulting and Women Rise Up, a coaching and consulting practice focused on leadership development and located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The mission of Women Rise Up is solely focused on the advancement of women in leadership and in society because today women’s empowerment is even more important than ever. Women Rise Up partners with women to reclaim their power and promote gender equality for a better world.

Carolyn has the personal and professional experience overcoming gender biases, personal self-limitations and systemic abuses of power that continue to plague women and society. Prior to founding both Evolve Consulting and Women Rise Up, she held various leadership roles inside technical organizations and successfully navigated the power dynamics typically experienced in male-dominated industries including: high-tech, enterprise software development and environmental engineering and testing. She learned the secrets to leadership and women’s empowerment as she advanced her own career and the careers of other technical professionals.

Carolyn has a proven track record in helping women: overcome gender biases, receive promotions, achieve recognition and success, transition into new leadership roles, become important decision-makers, improve their performance and reach their aspirations. Since 2001, we have provided executive coaching, leadership development and consulting to a wide range of industries including; technology, high-tech, engineering, finance, non-profit homeless and housing, non-profit minority women’s empowerment, education, energy, chemical and nuclear power. Carolyn holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources and Organization Development.

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